Nutrition is the science of food and its relationship to health. We are focused on providing you with expert nutritional advice to suit your body's needs and empowering you in making long-lasting lifestyle changes. These programs are specially designed to maintain your ideal body weight, to manage certain medical conditions with the help of nutrition, and to help you with deficiencies. By carefully assessing your health goals and needs we provide you science-based, easy-to-make, and customized meal plan. All of our plans also include many lifestyles, health, fitness, and beauty tips. Book your consultation with the best nutritionist in Pune and take the first step towards a healthy life.

These programs are focused on 3 major components,

Our Process

Our process is simple, check out our program you wish to join for, if you have any confusions or queries regarding selecting the program contact us, we will help you out.

Once you select and book an appointment, we will send you an “About you” form. Fill everything in detail so that we get a better idea of you and your health parameters.

After that your appointment will be scheduled with Dr. Manasi Paranjape - the best nutritionist in Pune. Through an initial consultation, we will get to know you, your nutritional status, and your vision. And together we create a personalized plan for you.

So all the best, let's begin!

One-time Consultation

Starting From  ₹499

Weight Loss

Starting From  ₹999

PCOD Management

Starting From  ₹999

Diabetic Diet

Starting From  ₹999

Hypertension and Heart Care

Starting From  ₹999

Liver Care

Starting From  ₹999

Thyroid Care

Starting From  ₹999

Deficiency Management

Starting From  ₹999

Cholesterol Management

Starting From  ₹999

“My approach towards nutrition is, it doesn’t always depend upon the number of calories that you count it depends on how well you feed your body, how you make efforts for your body by not just eating less but eating better that also guilt-free. Yes, eating is a necessity but to eat wisely is an art. 

So, let’s work together, forget the fads and start living a healthy life your way!” – Dr. Manasi, Best Nutritionist In Pune