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Dr. Manasi Kanetkar is a Homoeopathic consultant, Nutritionist & diet counselor, Sports nutrition counselor, and a Certified health, wellness and cognitive behavior therapy coach. She is in medical practice and has work experience in multi-specialty hospitals for the past few years.

She has completed her degree, Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery from Pune, India. She has done a Post-graduation diploma in Applied nutrition & dietetics, a Post-graduation diploma in Emergency medical services, and a Diploma in sports nutrition. She is also a member of Nutrition society of India (NSI)

Her work is focused on a careful, detailed assessment of the unique nutritional needs of each individual. Whether encouraging you to try a healthier version of a classic recipe or to explore other areas of health and wellness. She will be guiding you to show healthier alternatives and encourage you to make changes as you gain control and bring your body back into balance.

What she says,

I have an immense belief in the preventive and healing power of food and nutrients, I think how food just plays such a huge role in disease management and prevention is fascinating.

I want people to learn to love their cultural foods and still be healthy, that’s why I would like to be able to take away the fear of eating, to help people regain their confidence and healthy relation with food as they prepare to enter the next stages in life. Because I believe You really deserve to feel balanced and at the ease with your food and eating habits. To make it easy for you I will plan your every meal which is suitable to your needs.

You often have this question what does a ‘healthy diet’ even mean? Because conflicting opinions and thoughts about what to eat and how to live are everywhere. It happens that people without a clear plan & correct guidance often feel hesitant to start with the new journey.

I will be glad to untangle the truth from false information, some of which with no scientific evidence behind it that just confuses people. I strive to educate and take that confusion away, to help you become healthier and not worry about food that you like.

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